2017 Contest Winners

Best In Show

Izzy and Papi with Elena Valencia and Family coming as Western Outlaws Billy the Kid and Jesse James

Best Small Dog

  • 1st Place - Lexie, a 15-year-old Maltese terrier, with Terree Stone, who came as Maleficent and Diablo
  • 2nd Place - Cocoa, a chihuahua, with Piper Ryan, who came as The Little Mermaid Ariel and Sea Witch Ursula
  • 3rd Place - Bellatrix, a Boston Terrier, with the Berg family (Annah, Ellie, and Lauryn) who came as Harry Potter's Bellatrix LeStrange and Death Eaters

Best Medium Dog

  • 1st Place - Flea, a Blue Merle Catahoula, with Angie Rockwell, who came as Hannibal Lechter
  • 2nd Pace - Atlas and Piper, dalmatians, with Ann Ennis, who came as 101 Dalmatians Cruella de Vil
  • 3rd Place - Maddie, a MinPin mix, with Chris Ocker, who came as Maleficent
Best in Show

Best Large Dog

  • 1st Place - Penny, a brindle pit boxer mix, with Hayden Watson playing his trombone to the theme of Star Wars - coming as Darth Vader, R2-D2 and Clone Trooper
  • 2nd Place - Sam and Shelby, a standard poodle and lab, with Lynne Hascal and Paulette Foster, coming as really bad pirates
  • 3rd Place - Harley and Frank, Australian shepherds, with the Evan Jones family, coming as Pokemon Team Rocket

Best Group

  • 1st Place - The North Texas Boston Terrier Tea Party Group, with Candice O'Dell, coming as a huge group of Cops and Convicts
  • 2nd Place - Rita, a corgi mix, coming with Jamie Perrenoud and family as the Suicide Squad
  • 3rd Place - Thor, Spike and Louie, two Yorkies and a golden, with Lisa Herrick and T-Boo Meva coming as 101 Dalmatians, with the humans as dog and dogs as humans Cruella, Jasper and Horace

Best Float

  • 1st Place - Silence of the Lambchops - with Daisy, Penny and Milo and their humans Alisa Meli and Chantell Pickles
  • 2nd Place - The Wizard of Oz / Emerald City - with Paco Dos, Pearl, Penelope and Polly and their human Amy Cox coming as the wicked witch and flying monkeys
  • 3rd Place - Captain Hook - with Winnie Mae and Bunky and the Lori Gardner family coming as characters from Peter Pan

Most Creative - Judges' Award

  • 1st Place - Brutus, a Yorkie, coming as Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest with humans Chuck and Tamra Collins
  • 2nd Place - Basset Hounds Molly and Minnie, coming as Hansel and Gretel, with Lynda Kingsley and family pulling a gingerbread house
  • 3rd Place - Porter and Peps, Italian Greyhounds, with their humans Adah Leah Wolf and Duane Brown, coming as Dog Gone Bombs and handing out Atomic bomb candy