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Traffic Control Devices
Learn More About Traffic Control Devices Used in McKinney
Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB)
Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon Image
A RRFB is an amber-colored flashing light mounted on a pole under a pedestrian crossing sign. It is activated by a pedestrian pushing a button on the pole before entering a crosswalk or making a mid-block crossing. Pedestrians are expected to wait until drivers yield before entering the crosswalk. The lights are set to allow time for vehicles to yield, and they continue to flash as pedestrians cross the roadway.

When the beacon is activated, its yellow lights begin flashing and it catches drivers’ attention. Motorists are required by Texas law to stop for pedestrians even if the beacons are not lit. Pedestrians should make sure cars are stopped before stepping into the street and be aware that motorists may not see them or obey the law.

Flashing Yellow ArrowsLearn About Flashing Yellow Arrows

McKinney is now implementing a new left-turn traffic signal display with flashing yellow arrows. Flashing yellow arrows are being added to traffic signals to make intersections safer, reduce wait times and provide greater signal timing flexibility. See an explanatory video.
At intersections with this new configuration, the flashing yellow arrow will allow a left turn when traffic is clear, replacing the solid green, circular signals.

Flashing Yellow Arrow
  • The flashing yellow arrow means left turns are permitted, but drivers must first yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians, then turn with caution because oncoming traffic has a green light.
Yellow Arrow
  • A steady yellow arrow means the left-turn signal is about to change to red, and drivers should prepare to stop, or prepare to complete the left turn if the car is within the intersection. 
Green Arrow
  • The green arrow still means it is safe to make a protected left turn.  
Red Arrow
  • The red arrow means drivers must stop.