Workshop No. 3


Thursday Session

From Thursday, June 28 to Saturday, June 30, the Planning Department hosted the third interactive public design workshop for the Town Center Study at the McKinney Performing Arts Center. The workshop drew almost 100 participants and included a mix of residents, business owners and property owners. The workshop focused on three particular areas: the U.S. Highway 380 corridor (University Drive); the S.H. 5 corridor (McDonald Street); and the Tennessee St. / Kentucky St. corridor.

The third workshop began with a brief and informative video produced by City Staff. Then, the participants were broken out into five groups, with four of the groups being facilitated by the consultant teams and one group being facilitated by City Staff. Over the course of the evening, each facilitator led a group through a discussion of ideas about what issues were important along these corridors and what changes could help better shape these areas over the next several years.

Friday Session

On Friday, each design team assembled in a “Design Studio” that was set up in Council Chambers. Each design team compiled and reviewed the input gathered during the previous evening. Then, each design team designed and created preliminary drawings and illustrations that reflected the ideas and concepts generated by that input. For a short time on Friday afternoon the Design Studio was opened to the public and participants were invited to wander through Council Chambers to explore the design process, look at what the design teams were doing and engage the design teams in discussion.

Saturday Session

On Saturday morning, the participants returned to the Council Chambers and, after a brief introduction, were again broken into five groups. Each design team then presented their preliminary illustrations and explained the associated ideas and concepts to the participants of their group. During these presentations, each design team facilitated general discussion and recognized feedback from their participants. Following the group sessions, all of the participants were brought back together to discuss the future of the Town Center Study project. Closing remarks were made by the Director of Planning, Melissa Henderson.

Post-Workshop Activities

Following the third workshop, the lead consultant team, under the guidance of City Planning Staff, developed a written narrative to summarize the main ideas that were developed during the workshop.

Following the third public design workshop, the Town Center Study received local media attention with an article published in the McKinney Courier-Gazette.

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