Bicycle Signage

Ease of Use
The City of McKinney has installed Bicycle Boulevard signs throughout the city as part of the ongoing implementation of the On-Street Bicycle Master Plan. In total, over 70 miles of Bicycle Boulevards routes have been identified throughout the city. Bicycle Boulevards also provide connections to existing off-street Hike and Bike trail facilities as well as other on-street bicycle facilities.  

The goal of these signs is to promote safety and awareness as well as to provide guidance to bicycle users of streets identified as Bicycle Boulevards. Bicycle Boulevard signs may or may not be posted along with supplemental Bicycle May Use Full Lane signs.

City of McKinney Bicycle Network Ease of Use

On-Street Bicycle Signage

Bicycle Boulevards

The heart of the On-Street Bicycle Network is the system of Bicycle Boulevards. These routes circulate primarily through low-speed (30 mph), low-volume residential areas. They provide a level of bicyclist comfort similar to that of a trail system and are intended for a wide range of cyclist skills and abilities.

Bicycle Signage

Shared Roadways

Shared Roadways are identified as two or four-lane streets with a posted vehicle speed of 35 mph or less and traffic volumes which may be slightly higher than those on a Bicycle Boulevard route. These Shared Roadway routes serve as connectors between Bicycle Boulevards, Hike and Bike Trails, and Signed Roadways. While they are intended for use by cyclist of similar skill levels of Bicycle Boulevards, they may provide a lower level of cyclist comfort due to the possibility of higher traffic volumes, speeds, and number of traffic lanes.

Safe Bicycling

Signed Roadways 

Signed Roadways consist mainly of higher speed arterial roadways with posted vehicle speeds over 35 mph. On most of McKinney’s existing major arterial roads, the existing pavement width is too narrow to add bike lanes and the speed limit exceeds the thresholds for Bicycle Boulevard or Shared Roadway treatments. The traffic speeds and volumes on these thoroughfares require significant cyclist skill and confidence, but they can be ridden effectively by trained cyclist. In addition, these arterials are, by Texas law, open for use by cyclist.

Bicycle May Use Full Lane signs in McKinney remind motor vehicle drivers that state laws give bicyclists the right to use a full lane on roads where there is insufficient space to share a lane. The aim of these signs is to help keep the roads safe for both riders and drivers.

This signage is in accordance with the Texas Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, a document issued by the Texas Department of Transportation to specify the standards by which traffic signs, markings and signals are designed, installed and used.


May Use Full Lane Sign