Intergovernmental Relations

McKinney Legislative Priorities
Unique by nature

McKinney, Texas is Unique by nature. Rich with history and home to a thriving historic district, McKinney boasts a warm community atmosphere throughout its mix of charming neighborhoods and a multitude of natural assets like rolling hills, parks, streams and lakes. Yet with a booming economy, high-quality business development and amenities like the award-winning McKinney National Airport, McKinney has blossomed into a world-class city. The population has soared from just 54,000 in 2000 to more than 168,000 today. Many factors combine to make McKinney a truly special place, but the people here bring these vibrant qualities to life.

Consistently recognized nationally as a premier community, McKinney frequently receives praise for abundant employment, excellent schools, low crime and exceptional public safety, overall quality of life and a feeling of community pride. With new leadership in place and strategic plans taking shape for years to come, McKinney is building its future brick by brick and the best is yet to come.

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City of McKinney 2017 Legislative Priorities

The City of McKinney, along with the McKinney Economic Development Corporation, McKinney Chamber of Commerce, its various governmental agencies and business community, promote the following legislative priorities in an effort to collaborate and maintain a good working relationship with our state legislators.

  1. Local Control
  2. Economic Development
  3. Transportation
  4. Taxes & Spending
  5. Water
  6. Elections
  7. Open Government
  • Support legislation that promotes the authority of home rule cities to govern themselves as a sovereign entity
  • Support legislation that states appraisals should reflect the true market of the value of property
  • Support legislation that would allow local scheduling of roll back elections, should they be required, on a date to allow for the successful completion of the budgeting process
  • Support legislation that assists the City of McKinney with exponential growth while giving due consideration to family and/or business budgets
  • Support legislation that ensures the best possible access to local government representation concerning its extra territorial jurisdiction
  • Encourage and support local participation in issues that directly impact local government operations