S.H. 5 Corridor Study

S.H. 5 Study Area Map

Context-Sensitive Transportation Study

The State Highway 5 (S.H. 5) Corridor Context-Sensitive Transportation Study and associated Master Plan was identified as a priority work plan of the 2004 Comprehensive Plan and the 2008 Town Center Study Initiative Phase 1 Report.

Initiated in 2013 through the North Central Texas

Council of Governments (NCTCOG) 2009-2010 Sustainable Development Grant Funding Program, the purpose of the S.H. 5 Corridor Study was to establish a meaningful and complementary relationship between the geometric design characteristics of S.H. 5, its functional cross section, and the context/character of private development along the frontages of the corridor. For more information about the study and resulting Master Plan, email Planning or call 972-547-7415.

S.H. 5 Corridor Phase I Report and Master Plan

The S.H. 5 Corridor Context Sensitive Master Plan (also known as the S.H. 5 Corridor Master Plan) provides a comprehensive summary of the S.H. 5 Corridor Study process, including analysis and recommendations that together form the preferred concepts and vision for the corridor. The vision established in this context-sensitive corridor master plan is intended to address both the public and private realm in order to renew and revitalize the corridor and its adjoining properties. The Study and Master Plan lay the groundwork for incremental change that will, over the long-term, transform the corridor into a thriving thoroughfare that enhances its aesthetics, balances mobility and safety, creates a sustainable framework that continues the vision of the Town Center, and fulfills citywide goals and objectives with regard to mobility, safety, economic development and placemaking.

Questions or comments? Email the Planning Manager or call 972-547-7415.

This publication can be made available upon request in alternative formats, such as, Braille, large print, audiotape or computer disk. Requests can be made by calling 972-547-2694 (Voice) or emailing the ADA Coordinator. Please allow at least 48 hours for your request to be processed. 

Important News

  • Thanks to the hard work and concerted efforts of citizens, city staff and consultants, the S.H. 5 Master Plan was unanimously approved by McKinney City Council on June 17, 2014.
  • On April 6, 2014, the S.H. 5 Study was published as a case study on Context Sensitive Solutions, a division of the Federal Highway Administration.