Arts Commission

McKinney Arts Commission

The City of McKinney supports and promotes the arts. To that end, the City Council allocates funds each year to encourage a thriving cultural environment in McKinney. 

The McKinney Arts Commission advises City Council on how to distribute these funds. Find out more about how we enrich McKinney’s quality of life with our City at Work video.

The Arts Enliven a Community

A rich arts life in a community feeds the soul. It’s like a mini-vacation offering rest for the eyes, diversion for the mind and release for the body. Some even say the arts promote physical health. As much as residents get pleasure and relaxation from the arts, though, there are other good reasons to promote these activities.

It's Good Business

The arts are good for business. When a major performer comes to town, the event draws tourists and their dollars. Art and music classes support local businesses. A visually pleasing community that offers a diverse range of activities and entertainment events draws residents to live here. As a result, businesses grow to provide goods and services and the local economy grows.

Bringing the Arts to McKinney

The McKinney Arts Commission is made up of seven individuals from diverse backgrounds and professions. The commission educates 501(c)3 arts organizations about how to apply for funding from the city for specific arts-related events or initiatives, evaluates the applications and advises City Council about qualified projects. Qualified organizations can be located anywhere as long as the event is held in McKinney.

The McKinney Arts Commission’s Mission

To create a vibrant and viable arts community in which diverse, high-quality arts opportunities are available to McKinney residents and visitors.

Public Art Master Plan

McKinney’s vision for public art is part of the city’s broader vision: a place whose dynamic future lives comfortably with its unique history, traditions and natural landscape. Over the next five years, the Public Art Master Plan will inspire a new generation of public artworks throughout the City. Learn more about Public Art in McKinney.