FD: Permit and Inspection Fee Schedule

Application, Permit, and Inspections fees are adopted by Council, typically in association with the triennial update of the International Fire Code. A representation of the most recent adopted fees may be found on the fee schedule. 

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Application Fee - $100.00

All applications (construction permit, operational permit, variances, etc.), unless otherwise noted in the fee schedule will be accessed a fee of $100.00; and, application fees shall be paid at the time of application.

Construction Permit Fees – Varies by Permit

Once an application has been approved and plans are reviewed. Fees, in addition to the application fee, may be levied based upon the permit type.  

Fire Alarm, Fire Sprinkler, and Firefighter Air Replenishment Systems are accessed a fee based upon the value of the work being completed plus a $100.00 flat rate.  In order to confirm the project valuation, the submitting contractor shall be required to provide an approved bid sheet including the total installation and testing cost for the project / value of the installation. Permit fees include the first review of submitted plans associated with the permit application. Valuation table may be found on Table 107.1 of the fee schedule.

Multiple alarm panel, riser, system configurations.  Various regulated systems are permitted by the number of panels, risers, or systems.  This is to facilitate managing inspections and release of project components.  These include permits for fire alarm, sprinklers, pumps, access control, gates, kitchen hoods, and others.  These can be identified on the construction permit application. 

Valuation Example:
The valuation of the project should include the entire scope of work and will be calculated upon submittal. Permits issued for each individual panel/system within a project will be charged an additional $200.00 ($100.00 for the application; $100.00 for the permit). If 5 panels are installed, there would be an additional fee of $1,000.00.

Example: Fire sprinkler system with one (1) wet system and one (1) dry system; project valuation of $45,000.

  • Application fees per permit: $200.00
  • Individual system / riser permit fees: $200.00    
  • Valuation: $440.00 ($280 for first $25,000 + $160.00 for additional $20,000)
  • Total: $ 840.00

Other Fees - Varies by Type

Working Without a Permit / Releasing System Prior to Final Acceptance

All work performed on a life safety system that is required to have a permit where a permit has not been issued or released by the Fire Marshal’s Office, the contractor will be accessed a fee – two times the permit fee.

Any regulated system, whether a permit has been issued or not, that is placed in operation or released to the owner or owner representative without a final acceptance, the installing contractor will be charged a fee – two times the permit fee. This fee may be assessed in addition to working without a permit. 

Inspection, Re-submittal, and Other Fees

All permit fees include the initial system acceptance inspection. However, additional fees may be accessed if the initial inspection fails, the contractor no-shows for an inspection, or if a scheduled inspection is canceled with less than 24 hours’ notice. 

All plan reviews that require second and subsequent reviews will be charged additional fees as noted in the fee schedule. In addition, any installation that requires an additional review by our engineering staff as determined by the inspector, based upon differences in the approved plans and actual install, will be charged the re-submittal fee. 

Other fees may apply. For a full list of fees, please see the fee schedule.

Before / After Hours Inspection Fees

Before / after hours inspections may be scheduled at the discretion of the fire code official and where staffing allows.

  • Before / after hours inspections (minimum charge of two hours) - Actual OT cost of the assigned inspector. 
  • Normal business hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Inspections requested outside of those hours are considered before / after hours inspections. Before scheduling an inspection for which a fee would be assessed, approval must be obtained by contacting the Fire Marshal’s Office at 972-547-2850 or [email protected].

Special Operational Permits

Operational permits allow the applicant to conduct an operation or business for which an operational permit is required by the Fire Code. These operations tend to require more in-depth plan reviews and additional inspections. Operational permits must be obtained and inspected before the permitted operation may begin. The operational permits are in addition to construction permits required for the initial installation. 

Those operations that require construction permits prior to installation include CO2 beverage dispensing systems, hazardous materials, high-piled storage, LP-as, and spraying and dipping.

Operational permits must be renewed either annually or per use. View required operational permits and their renewal permits.

Common Operational Permits that are required to be obtained by the business prior to a Certificate of Occupancy being issued include but are not limited to:

  • Places of Assembly – where occupant load is 50 or greater
  • CO2 beverage dispensing – where the onsite storage is greater than 100 pounds. 
  • High piled Storage 
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Firefighter Air Replenishment Systems
  • Fuel Dispensing Facilities
  • Propane Cylinder Exchange Service
  • Repair Garages