Community Healthcare Program

A New Approach to Emergency Medical Services

The Right Care at the Right Time

The Community Healthcare Program (CHP) is designed to better serve the needs of McKinney residents who rely heavily on the Emergency Medical System (EMS) for routine medical services. CHP provides ongoing personal care for qualified residents that:

  • Improves patient outcomes.
  • Drastically reduces costs to residents.
  • Decreases reliance on emergency services in the city.

The Right ResourcesCommunity Healthcare Paramedics and Truck

Advanced Practice Paramedics (APPs) from the McKinney Fire Department are community healthcare advocates.

As a result of their involvement, patients have less need for EMS and hospital emergency room services. 

Integrated With Other Healthcare / Social Service Providers

By working with a patient's healthcare provider's McKinney's APPs encourage residents toward healthcare options that are more appropriate than the emergency room.

APPs visit patients at home, in the hospital and after release to provide individualized services including:

  • Consultation.
  • Medical knowledge.
  • A common connection to all professionals on the resident's medical team. 
  • A personal, compassionate approach.

The Six Cs of McKinney's Community Healthcare Program

  • Community - Meet a current unfulfilled need
  • Complimentary - Enhance, not duplicate services
  • Collaborative - Interdisciplinary
  • Competence - Qualified practitioners
  • Compassion - Respect for individuals
  • Credentialed - Legally authorized