How CHP Works

 A Plan to Better Meet Community Medical Needs 

CHP Increases Service 

The City of McKinney launched the Community Healthcare Program (CHP) in June 2013 to deliver care to McKinney residents at the right time, using the right resources. McKinney Fire Department Advanced Practice Paramedics (APPs) are specially trained and equipped to evaluate and treat medical conditions. They arrive in a fuel-efficient vehicle and deliver personalized medical care and attention. The personalized approach can eliminate the need for an emergency room visit or admittance to the hospital for observation. As a result, the patient receives more personal, efficient care, and ambulances are more readily available for patients with life-threatening conditions such as chest pain or difficulty breathing.

CHP is Free for Qualified McKinney Residents

The program is free for qualified McKinney residents. Providing community healthcare this way is economical, provides appropriate care and improves resident experience.

CHP Provides Personalized Care

APPs follow up with enrolled residents after an incident or a hospital visit to help manage medication and care. They are a common connection between all members of the resident's healthcare team. APPs create a personalized plan for the resident and follow up regularly to track the individual's progress. Patients are provided a non-emergency contact number to request a home visit between regularly scheduled visits. APPs offer the following services:

  • Health screenings
  • Medication support
  • Wellness education
  • Disease management
  • Home health
  • Safety programs
  • Connection to other social services

If you have additional questions on the CHP program, please contact us.