Downtown Development

In the early 2000s, the City of McKinney and its residents made a conscious decision to promote a higher standard of living and encourage economic growth by investing in the community and revitalizing historic downtown McKinney.

The result of this decision was the creation of the Town Center Study: a work plan in which potential policies and ordinances could be evaluated, recommended, and implemented to realize the community's overall goals and objectives for the continued development of McKinney.

To help bring the community's vision to life, the City of McKinney instituted several initiatives including the following:

McKinney Town Center Zoning District (MTC)

The MTC facilitates pedestrian-oriented, mixed-use, urban-infill redevelopment that provides for a number of land use opportunities including, but not limited to shopping, employment, housing & business and personal services.

To achieve our goals, we:

  • Promote an efficient, compact and walkable development pattern.
  • Encourage pedestrian activity.
  • Reduce reliance on private automobiles.
  • Position the Historic Town Center as a viable transit-oriented development.
  • Promote a more functional and attractive community through the use of recognized and time-tested principles of urban design.
  • Allow developers flexibility in land use and site design.


Is Your Project Eligible for Impact Fee Reduction or Waiver?

New development projects within the McKinney Town Center area may be eligible for Impact Fee Reductions or Waivers. Please visit the Neighborhood Empowerment Zone (NEZ) Impact Fee Waiver Program page to learn more.


Brownfields Program

This program helps properties in the historic town center overcome environmental complications by offering site assessments and clean-up planning activities.

Prior to current environmental regulations, many industrial and commercial operations in downtown McKinney used hazardous substances or petroleum products which sometimes left behind a hazardous legacy. Any contaminants left behind by those types of operations must be identified and remediated so that they no longer pose a risk to the environment or the community.

The McKinney Brownfields Program will conduct environmental site assessments and create a comprehensive site cleanup and redevelopment plan for identified contaminated areas.


Neighborhood Empowerment Zone (NEZ)

The NEZ program provides for impact fee waivers for small-scale infill development projects within the boundaries of the NEZ program area. Projects that may be eligible for impact fee waivers include the following types of construction:

  • New single-family residential
  • New multi-family
  • New non-residential
  • Vertically-integrated mixed-use (non-residential and residential uses in a single structure)



Historic Neighborhood Improvement Zone (HNIZ)

Note: Program is currently suspended

The HNIZ was created to help preserve the city's unique and historic neighborhoods while encouraging property owners to maintain and/or rehabilitate their residences. Property owners within the HNIZ boundary may receive ad valorem tax exemptions inclusive of land and building improvements based on verified investment meeting specified criteria.



Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone 1 (TIRZ 1)

TIRZ 1 provides support for catalytic infrastructure and projects that do the following:

  • Support continued revitalization of the Historic Town Center.
  • Link the Town Center across S.H. 5 to potential future Transit-Oriented Developments around potential a future pedestrian rail transit station.
  • Provide infrastructure needed for the safe and pedestrian-oriented transportation circulation demands within the historic core of the Town Center.
  • Improve and remediate key locations that have suffered from historic industrialization.
  • Provide other support for the redevelopment of the Town Center.

Learn more about TIRZ in our FAQ