Unique by Nature

TrailWhat Makes McKinney Unique

The City of McKinney unique by nature brand has come to define the city’s image for residents, businesses and visitors. Our logo on city vehicles, water towers and city-related communications only begins to define who we are.

“Unique by nature” speaks to McKinney’s natural assets: our rolling hills, parks, streams and lakes. It refers to our inherent uniqueness: our historic downtown, our cultural diversity, our quality of life, our business-friendly environment and the dynamic growth we’ve seen over the past decade.

Our brand embodies the spirit of our community - the charming neighborhoods, friendly residents, downtown festivals, a sense of history and the prudent but forward-thinking attitudes of our leadership. It was City Council’s vision to take the lead in spearheading creation and launch of a community-wide brand and invest in building and growing it.

Water Tower with LogoMcKinney’s Single Face 

MEDC, the Chamber of Commerce, MCDC, the McKinney National Airport, Main Street, McKinney Performing Arts Center and the Convention and Visitors Bureau all incorporate the Unique by nature brand in their marketing efforts. They have their own individual logos, but the design echoes the main city logo. This enables the city to produce collaborative marketing materials, present a unified outward face and communicate about our assets with one powerful voice.

Having a single voice also makes great fiscal sense. By pooling resources as often as possible, we get much more bang for our buck. Since the brand’s launch, hundreds of thousands of dollars have been saved by eliminating duplicate efforts and pooling advertising dollars.

From Many to One … a “Home Run”

In 2004, McKinney had multiple logos and no consistency. Opportunities were lost because of a lack of coordination between entities and departments. City Council spotted the issue and decided to develop and incubate a common brand and overarching messaging that would communicate McKinney’s unique personality and provide the partner agencies with a common framework as each pinpointed and pursued target audiences.

ParadeThrough extensive research and input from focus groups, citizens and city-related entities, “unique” and “nature” surfaced repeatedly. The unique by nature brand was adopted in February 2005 to capitalize on McKinney’s strengths, embody community pride, create a stronger image outside McKinney and help set us apart from the Metroplex. The Dallas Morning News called the logo and tagline and new brand a “home run.”

An Unchanging Commitment 

Over the years, leaders and elected officials in McKinney have and will continue to change, and our city will continue to grow. But McKinney and our unique by nature qualities have and will remain. The brand continues to communicate who we are, where we came from and where we’re headed. In short, its presence is a commitment to make decisions that will protect McKinney’s essence, the personality of our community well into our very bright future.