Median Maintenance

City Responsibility / HOA Responsibility

The city is responsible for the maintenance of all municipal building grounds, fire stations, 43 parks and city-owned recreational areas and athletic fields. Some medians and rights-of-way throughout McKinney are maintained by the city. Local HOAs are responsible for the medians and rights-of-way not maintained by the city.


The mowing cycle for city-maintained medians is once every 14 days. Inclement weather may delay the maintenance schedule.


City-maintained medians are irrigated within the water restriction guidelines.

Maintenance Issues

To report a maintenance issue such as an obstructed view on a median, broken / misdirected irrigation head or rain / freeze sensors, please contact the Parks Maintenance Superintendent at the phone or email at the right with the exact location, time and date of the issue. The city can also assist in determining who maintains specific medians or rights-of-way.