Elevator Notice

The elevator is out of service. We are working to have a repair date and will notify everyone then that is determined. 

  • 2 recumbent bikes have been moved downstairs to the weight floor.
  • Members may use the perimeter of the basketball gym to walk laps.

We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Reach Your Peak
  1. Silent Blackout Cycle

    Silent Blackout Cycle

    Wear your brightest white or neon attire for a glowing cycle ride. Learn more
  2. Parkinson&#39s Regeneration

    Parkinson's Regeneration Training

    This training has been proven to help slow down or halt the progression of Parkinson's disease. Learn more
  3. TRX Suspension Training

    TRX Suspension Training

    Try customizable, full-body workouts you can never outwork or outgrow. Learn more
  4. 3V3 Basketball Tournament

    3V3 Basketball Tournament

    Enjoy some family-friendly competition! Learn more
  5. Intro To Yoga

    Intro to Yoga

    Begin your journey into yoga! Learn more
  6. Yamuna

    Yamuna Body Rolling

    Save your back, legs, and torso with Yamuna Body Rolling! Restore your body's natural order and stimulation. Learn more
  7. TaiChi_carousel

    Tai Chi for Health

    Join the internal martial art practice for health and healing. Learn more