We Require a Permit Anytime Someone Solicits Within the City

Solicitation means conduct whereby a person or its agent, member, or representative engages in the following:

  • Either orally or in writing, asks for a ride, employment, property, financial aid, money, or any article representing monetary value, for any purpose;
  • Whether orally or in writing, sells or offers to sell goods, services, publications, or subscriptions;
  • Distributes without remuneration goods, services, publications, or subscriptions; or
  • Solicits signatures on a petition or opinions for a survey

The term "solicitation" shall include persons engaged in the delivery of handbills or circulars door-to-door for the solicitation of money, products, services or other items of pecuniary value. An offer of membership in any organization is expressly excluded.

Solicitor permits may be obtained by completing the solicitor permit application, providing all applicable documents, and payment of applicable fees.

Solicitor’s Permit Application

Solicitors who are “Exempt” will only need to provide the following:

Solicitor permits are valid for a period of six months.

Please allow up to 10 business days for your application to be processed.

Please see City of McKinney ordinance regarding Solicitors for more detailed information and exemptions.