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Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) 

FY 2023-2024

Under the CDBG program, McKinney received an allocation from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in the amount of $961,099 for program year October 1, 2023 to September 30, 2024. Grant outcomes must benefit principally McKinney low-to-moderate income persons or households toward creating viable living environments, providing decent housing and expanding economic opportunities. The program year began October 1, 2023. Funded agencies and programs are listed here. 

FY 2023-24 Annual Action Plan

Notice of the Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER 2022)

The City of McKinney gives public notice of the Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER), which consists of activities and funding under the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) for reporting period October 1, 2022 to September 30, 2023. The CAPER is a year-end summary report on how funding was used to benefit McKinney residents under the CDBG program. The CAPER will be available during the period of November 19, 2023 to December 6, 2023.  City Council will conduct a public hearing for public comments on Tuesday, December 5, during its regular meeting at 6 p.m. The public is invited to provide comments for inclusion in the CAPER submission to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for review and final approval. Interested persons may provide written comments on or before December 6, 2023.

The public may provide comments by mail, email or at the public hearing. For mail, please provide your name, address and comments to:  

City of McKinney
Community Services Administrator
Housing & Community Development Department
222 N. Tennessee Street
P.O. Box 517
McKinney, TX, 75070  

Or send via email to the Community Services Administrator at [email protected]

Activities must meet one of three National Objectives per CDBG regulations:  benefit low-and-moderate income persons; aid in the prevention or elimination of slum or blight; or meet an urgent need.   Under the FY 2022-23 Annual Action Plan of the Consolidated Plan, activities included public services, housing and grant administration to benefit eligible McKinney residents. 

CAPER Public Notice
2022-2023 Action Plan

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, it is the policy of the City of McKinney to offer its public programs, services, and meetings in a manner that is readily accessible to everyone, including individuals with disabilities. If you are a person with a disability and require information or materials in an appropriate alternative format; or if you require any other accommodation, please contact the ADA Coordinator at least 48 hours in advance of the event. Email [email protected]. Advance notification within this guideline will enable the City to make reasonable arrangements to ensure accessibility. ADA grievances may also be directed to the ADA Coordinator or filed online at

CDBG Consolidated Plan (2020-2024)

The Consolidated Plan is designed to help the City of McKinney assess affordable housing, community development needs and market conditions in order to make data-driven, place-based investment decisions. The consolidated planning process serves as the framework for a community-wide dialogue to identify housing and community development priorities that align and focus funding from the CPD formula block grant programs. The plan identifies activities the city intends to implement with Community Block Development funds (CDBG). These funds are received annually from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for local projects that benefit predominately low-to-moderate income persons. Funding resource categories include housing, public improvements, public services, administration and planning, and COVID-19 Relief. The current Consolidated Plan