King's Lake Bank Stabilization Project

Contract Awarded

The City of McKinney awarded a contract to Western Contractors to construct a retaining wall behind 604 Kings Lake Dr. The purpose of this project is to mitigate erosion along the lake bank caused by a large storm drainage outfall pipe.

Construction is scheduled to begin the week of June 29 and will take a maximum of four months, barring any inclement weather. A construction entrance has been installed off of Glen Oaks just west of Kings Lake Dr. The Stonebridge common area property north of Glen Oaks and adjacent to the lake will be used to store construction equipment and materials. This area will be closed to the public during construction.

Also during this time, the hike and bike trail on the north side of Glen Oaks from Kings Lake Dr. to Lake Creek Dr. will be closed. Pedestrians may use the sidewalk on the south side of Glen Oaks from Kings Lake Dr. to Lake Creek Dr. instead.
In addition, the water level of Stonebridge Lake has been lowered by approximately two feet. A temporary dam has been installed so that a portion of Stonebridge Lake can be dewatered in order to construct the wall. At the conclusion of the project, the temporary dam will be removed and the level of Stonebridge Lake will return to a normal level through natural processes.

Map of King's Lake Bank Project Area

For more information, please feel free to email Michael Hebert, Assistant Director of Engineering, or call at 972-547-7424