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Rates Effective Jan. 1, 2024

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Water charges consist of two components - base rate and consumption. Consumption is billed in 1,000 gallon increments on a tiered billing structure.

*Per 1,000 gallons

ConsumptionInside City LimitsOutside City Limits
1 to 7,000 gallons$4.70$5.75
 7,001 to 20,000 gallons$6.50$7.95
20,001 to 40,000 gallons$8.20$10.05
More than 40,000 gallons$9.85$12.05

Base / Minimum monthly rate

  • Inside City Limits - $18.70
  • Outside City Limits - $22.90



Sewer charges consist of two components – base rate and consumption. An industry-standard Winter Quarter Average (WQA) is calculated using December through February water consumption. Since water usage like outdoor watering and filling swimming pools is higher during summer months, the winter months are used to calculate your average because they provide a better picture of indoor water/sewer usage. The WQA determines the number of units you will be billed for sewer beginning in April each year. For new accounts, until the WQA can be established, actual water usage is charged for sewer. The maximum units charged for sewer is eight.

Base / Minimum monthly rate

  • Inside City Limits - $24.55
  • Outside City Limits - $30.05

Unit cost per 1,000 gallons - Max 8,000 gallons

  • Inside City Limits - $6.85
  • Outside City Limits - $8.40

*The base fee applies monthly regardless of consumption.


Trash / Recycling Collection Rates

Weekly trash & recycling collection is provided to residents by Waste Connections. Find out more about these services

The number of containers billed is based on a Waste Connections audit. If you notice a discrepancy between your bill and the posted rates, please contact our office. Billing rates do not apply if trash service is provided in the terms of your apartment lease.

To add or remove an extra container (or report a damaged container), fill out the Container Order Form.

Trash / Recycle Collection Rates

  • Monthly Rate (includes 1 trash (green) container / 1 recycle (blue) container) - $18.61 + tax
  • Additional trash (green) container - $7.16 each per month
  • Additional recycle (blue) container - $1.52 each per month



The drainage fee is used to maintain and improve the city’s drainage system, help prevent future flooding and reduce standing water in creeks, drainage ways and culverts. A well maintained drainage system prevents flooding and prevents standing water which could foster an infestation of mosquitoes

Monthly Drainage Rate - $4.00