Bond Updates

Your Bond Dollars at Work

On May 15, 2019 City Council certified the final election results for the General Bond. Voters approved all five propositions for approximately $350 million in funding. Basic information related to each bond proposition and how the money is being spent is below.

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Prop A: $75M for public safety facilities | $31.45M or 42% bond funds issued

Funding improvements and expansion for McKinney’s Public Safety facilities. The funds will be used generally for the design and construction of facilities, the acquisition of land if required, as well as off-site improvements of Public Safety facilities. Additional facilities will fulfill the projected growth of both police and fire administration, as well as land acquisition for future fire stations and improvements to current fire stations.

  • Public Safety Facilities and Fire Station 11: Projects complete and fully functional
  • New Fire Department Headquarters: Project is being bid, a guaranteed maximum price will be developed for Council approval. Construction estimated to begin Fall 2023.
  • Fire Station 8: Old structures have been demolished and design development plans are in process.


Prop B: $50M for municipal complex | $50M or 100% of bond funds issued

Municipal community complexFunding the design and construction of a new McKinney Municipal Complex. The complex includes public and community spaces for City Council and citizens, as well as city departments, including City Manager, City Secretary, Communications and Marketing, Development Services, Financial Services, Housing and Community Development, Human Resources, Information Technology, and Parks and Recreation Administration.

  •  Construction is well underway and approximately 25% complete with the concrete building frame nearing completion.

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Prop C: $91M for parks and recreation facilities |  $46M or 51% bond funds issued 

Parks and recreation facilities Funding the enhancement and expansion of the parks system. Improvements include the renovation or expansion of existing parks, sports fields and facilities, the construction of new parks and the acquisition of property for future parks development.

  • Al Ruschhaupt and Craig Ranch Soccer Complex: Renovations in process
  • Erwin Park Expansion: Land acquired.
  • Playground improvements & renovations in design and under construction at various parks

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Prop D: $34M for public works facilities | $16.75M or 49% bond funds issued

Public Works facilitiesFunding the design and construction of facilities for new Public Works facilities, land acquisitions and off-site improvements needed to accommodate the Public Works Department. The new complex will allow the department to meet the needs of the city’s rapidly growing population now and in the future.

  • Construction on the new north campus is complete and fully functional.


Prop E: $100M for street improvements and infrastructure | $65.08M or 65% bond funds issued

Street improvementsFunding the construction or reconstruction of transportation projects that will improve mobility and safety along streets and roadways, reduce congestion and address aging infrastructure.

  • Street pavement reconstruction
  • Roadway illumination
  • New thoroughfares and expanded capacity
  • Wayfinding, lighting and infrastructure studies

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