Learn What's Legal 

The City of McKinney follows the state regulations regarding golf carts. Golf carts are allowed on public roads in McKinney when certain criteria are met.

  • A golf cart may not be operated on a sidewalk.
  • A golf cart is allowed on a public roadway when:
    • Operated in compliance within a master-planned community, such as Stonebridge Ranch, Eldorado, Craig Ranch and Custer West. View interactive map | Map instructions
    • Or, operated for traveling to and from a golf course during daytime within two miles of the location where the golf cart is kept, usually the owner’s residence.
    • Where the posted speed limit of the street is 35 mph or less. There are two exceptions to this rule. First, the posted speed limit does not apply when the golf cart is operated in compliance within a master planned community. Second, a golf cart may cross intersections that include a street with a posted speed limit of more than 35 mph.
  • A golf cart must have:
    • A slow-moving vehicle emblem affixed to the rear and be built in compliance with applicable federal regulations. Registration, inspection and insurance are specifically waived under state law.
  • A driver of a golf cart must:
    • Possess a valid driver's license.
    • Follow the same traffic laws as cars, including regulatory signs and the use of directional or hand signals when making turns and stops.


The McKinney Police Department may issue a traffic citation against any person the officer has probable cause to believe has violated these or other regulations, whether the offending person is a juvenile or adult.

For more information, or to report violations, contact the McKinney Police Department: 972-547-2700.