Payment Extensions & Financial Assistance

Extra Time To Pay

  • 5-day grace period before a 10% late fee is added (minimum $5).
  • 19-day automatic extension period granted.
    • Calculated from due date.
    • An automated call to the account’s main phone number may be received.
    • If payment will be received within the extension period, there is no need to contact us.
  • If you require additional time to pay, a payment plan may be available:
    • Requests must be received prior to extension date.
    • A minimum 50% payment plus $5 fee is required.
    • No disconnection or returned payment in the past six months.
    • Limited to two non-consecutive requests per year.
    • Not available for first bill.

Once Disconnected

  • Entire balance (past due amount, current bill and related fees) must be paid to restore service.
  • Cash, credit card or money order only.
  • Additional deposit required if service is disconnected twice within a 12-month period and for each subsequent disconnection.
  • The account remains active and will continue to incur monthly base charges.

If you require financial assistance, you may contact a utility assistance agency:


Utility Assistance Agencies
Community Lifeline972-542-0020
Frisco Family Services972-335-9495
St. Vincent de Paul972-325-6118
Assistance Center of Collin County972-422-1850