Find your blue calling

The McKinney Police Department (MPD) is looking for dynamic, dedicated women to join our team. We want our force to reflect the community we serve, and that means adding more women officers. Police work is a challenging and rewarding career requiring a wide range of abilities. Excellent interpersonal, problem-solving and conflict resolution skills enable officers to interact with a diverse community and diffuse tense situations. If you thrive on a career that involves teamwork, the ability to help others and a new challenge every day, a career at the MPD could be for you.

No previous experience is required. We provide training, advanced technology, equipment and competitive benefits.

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Anna Jagneaux

Pride & Respect

“I was drawn to law enforcement because I realized that right now is a time for change, and I wanted to be a part of it. I have so much pride and respect for what this job means, and I could not have predicted how much this career would impact my life. I am grateful that I am able to do the job I love while representing McKinney.”

Officer Anna Jagneaux, Serving since 2017

Cherie Silas

Passionate About Policing

“I started serving as a police officer in 2012 in a small town in Louisiana. I wanted a job that could challenge me, help others and be very rewarding. Every day, you are called to assist people in a time of crisis. They turn to you for the help and advice they need. You can make a tremendous impact on their lives. You can help a young child avoid becoming a victim, or an offender. You can help people make their neighborhood a safer place. Every day, you will go home knowing that you have made a difference in someone's life. Not only is this career rewarding but I am able to spend an ample amount of time with my son. I was and still am passionate about policing several years later. The future is female.”

School Resource Officer Cherie' Silas, Serving since 2012

Michelle Read

Work / Life Balance

“I chose a career in law enforcement because I wanted a respectable profession that would allow me to help others and have an impact on people’s lives. I can enjoy being a working mom, still have time to be there for my kids’ recitals, school plays, field trips and sporting events. The MPD offers a variety of positions, work schedules and duties; it’s only a matter of discovering which one fits best.”   

Detective Michelle Read, Serving since 2014

Ana Shelley


“I love being a part of this community and knowing that I play a role in making it safe for the citizens to live here. The city and department are growing at a rapid pace and there are opportunities for officers here that would not be available at other departments. My career has benefitted from several of those opportunities and I look forward to what is to come.” 

Deputy Chief Ana Navarro, Serving since 2005

Ursula Watson

Fulfilling Career 

“I first became interested in law enforcement to help children and teenagers who needed guidance. I was only 21 when I became an officer. This career path has given me financial stability and job security. There have been ample opportunities to move around to different areas within the department where I have excelled as a sister in blue.”

Sergeant Ursula Larson, Serving since 2000

Maureen Messner

Making a Difference

“I got into law enforcement to make a difference in the community. This job has had a profound effect on my life and goals. I have been able to speak to local groups in the community, assist with youth camps and internet safety talks. I love to build student relations and make a positive impact on young people. I have been afforded opportunities to continue training and advance myself toward my career goals.”

School Resource Officer Maureen Messner, Serving since 2006