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The City of McKinney's GIS Program blends geography and technology to provide solutions and decision support for all levels of city government. Understanding geographic data is essential for city management, Public Safety, Community Development, Development Services, Public Works and Parks and Recreation.

The city's Open Data site, Explore McKinney, provides transparent data through maps and user-friendly web applications, keeping you informed about your city. Popular Interactive Maps include Public Safety, Planning and Zoning, Parks and Trails and Walking Tours of McKinney's Historic District. GIS also provides Printable PDF Maps, including a detailed street atlas of the entire city.

See What's New!

McKinney is one of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S. and GIS is keeping pace with the growth. 

  • Mapping Historic McKinney - McKinney has a vibrant 165-year history, and the city makes Historic Preservation a high priority. See Interactive Maps for historic McKinney, including an online version of McKinney's 2018-19 Historic Home Calendar, Self-guided Walking Tours enable visitors to explore Historic Downtown and Residential Districts using smartphones.
  • GIS Maps for ADA Compliance - The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) requires public entities to provide equal opportunities to people with disabilities, including curb ramps. GIS helps ensure safe access to all pedestrians with a custom mapping application for inspectors to inventory every curb ramp in the city. This helps engineers prioritize ramps in need of improvement and allocate funding where it's needed most. 
  • Interactive Adopt-a-Spot Application - The McKinney Adopt-a-Spot program empowers residents, businesses and community and civic organizations to actively participate in cleanup efforts to keep our community litter-free. Use our new interactive application, built using Esri’s Crowdsource Reporter, to view available Adopt-a-Spot locations throughout the city, adopt an available spot, suggest a new cleanup location or report your cleanup efforts.

More Information

For more information about the city's GIS program, please call 972-547-7599 or contact McKinney GIS.