McKinney Police Department Offers Career Opportunities for Veterans

The McKinney Police Department Hires Veterans

The McKinney Police Department (MPD) offers exceptional career opportunities with excellent salaries and benefits for veterans of the Armed Services and men and women transitioning out of the military. The same leadership skills, integrity, honor, trust and duty to serve that led you to the military will lead you to a successful career in McKinney with numerous opportunities for advancement.

We offer several benefits for military veterans (eligibility required):

  • Bypass college requirement for application
  • GI Bill benefits during academy training (if academy at a college location)
  • Full pay for 15 days of reserve duty each year
  • Military time credit towards retirement
  • More than 30% of MPD employees are military veterans and many still serve in a reserve capacity.

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Veteran Police Officers

Marine Corps Seal

Sergeant Tony Spano - United States Marine Corps, E4

“I spent four years as a Marine Infantryman. After I got out of the military I worked several years in corporate America. I found that I missed the comradery and structure of the Marine Corps. Law Enforcement in general and the McKinney Police Department, in particular, gave me the same sense of pride and feeling of belonging I was looking for. This is a great Department to work for."

Coastguard Seal

Officer Mike Davis - Coast Guard Reserve, E7

“I joined the United States Army at 21 years old and served four years with two deployments, later joining the Coast Guard Reserves in 2007. The McKinney Police Department made it easy to continue my career in the Reserves by providing a flexible schedule. The tactics and skills learned in both the military and police work are interchangeable and have proven beneficial in both careers. Although there are great challenges in law enforcement, it is a rewarding career and worth the effort. I wouldn't change what I do for anything.”

Army Seal

Lieutenant Dave Shanley - Army, E5 Sergeant

“I always had an interest in becoming a police officer, so when I was 20 years old I enlisted in the United States Army and served six years as a Military Police Officer. The time I spent in the Army prepared me for the unique law enforcement culture and taught me to handle the various personalities I encounter on a daily basis.”

Air Force Seal

School Resource Officer Curtis Logan - Air Force Staff Sergeant

“I served in the United States Air Force for eight years in various functions and joined the McKinney Police Department in 2004 after completing my enlistment. The training I received in the military shaped me into the person that I am today. The ability to communicate effectively is paramount in both a military and law enforcement career. While serving in the Air Force, I learned to understand non-verbal cues, which are far more revealing than verbal ones. I also learned the power of empathy, which differentiates an average cop from a superior cop. In my role as a School Resource Officer, I have the opportunity to fulfill a goal all officers should enjoy – to be someone’s hero every day."