2024 Bond Information

A City Council-appointed committee will review and recommend future capital projects that could be presented to McKinney voters in a 2024 bond election. The bond program will prioritize municipal and infrastructure projects, such as renovating existing facilities and constructing new ones, as well as public safety, parks and recreation improvements and major road projects.

The bond committee will evaluate unfunded projects for inclusion in the bond package and present recommendations to City Council in late 2023 or early 2024. City Council is required to call a bond election by February 16, 2024 to be held in May.

Bond Committee

Executive Committee

  • Bruce Mead, Parks & Recreation
  • David Clarke, Municipal Facilities
  • Erin Blair, Public Safety
  • John Prudich, Finance
  • Thad Helsley, Transportation & Finance

Parks & Recreation Subcommittee

  • Bruce Mead, Subcommittee Chair
  • Al Perry
  • Angela Hamm
  • Jennifer Odom
  • Sam Franklin
  • Scott Elliott
  • Tammy Warren
  • Tara Williams

Finance Subcommittee

  • John Prudich, Subcommittee Chair
  • Bridgette Wallis
  • Jim Norton
  • Joe Riccardi
  • Lucas Henry
  • Marianne Radley
  • Michael Glazier

Public Safety Subcommittee

  • Erin Blair, Subcommittee Chair
  • Angie Bado
  • Betty Petkovsek
  • Charles McKissick
  • Janie Peña
  • Jeremy Rosenthal
  • Ken Holladay

Municipal Facilities Subcommittee

  • David Clarke, Subcommittee Chair
  • Bill Cox
  • Bob Fisher
  • Dean Cimini
  • Elizabeth Michel
  • Kip Dixon
  • Lauren Jones

Transportation & Infrastructure Subcommittee

  • Thad Helsley, Subcommittee Chair
  • Caroline Dulemba
  • Chuck Branch
  • David Craig
  • Derrick Robinson
  • Eddie Aragonez
  • Mohammed Kacem

Public Meetings, Presentations and Materials