Annual Self-Evaluation Program for Businesses

Business Self-Evaluation 

The McKinney Fire Department is expanding its Annual Self-Evaluation Program for certain businesses. This program allows a business owner to conduct their own fire-safety review, avoid business interruptions, and save money through an exemption of accessible fees for annual inspections. 

Your business may be eligible if:

  • Under 5,000 total square feet
  • Considered light-hazard / low-risk
  • Do NOT have a fire sprinkler, fire alarm, or kitchen hood suppression system
  • Do NOT require an annual operational permit

If you believe you are eligible for the self-evaluation program:

If you have received a verification code:

Continued Participation

In order to continue to participate and receive the benefits of the the Business Self-Evaluation Programs you must:

  • Submit a request and conduct an evaluation annually
  • Correct all deficiencies found in your evaluations
  • Every third year must have an Fire Department on-site inspection.