High Consumption

High Consumption

The average household uses 2,000 gallons of water per person per month.

Higher consumption can be attributed to outside water use and/or a leak.

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Typically, customers begin outdoor watering in late March or early April. The increased consumption isn't generally reflected on the bill for approximately six weeks. Using the reading/billing dates below, if weekly watering begins April 1st, the bill due nearly a month later only has consumption for 1 day of watering. If the timer is increased to twice a week on April 30th, the May bill will include 5 watering days, while the June bill (received 6 weeks after watering increased ) will have 10 days.

Reading and Billing Dates with Watering Calendar

Meter Profile Report

In most cases, we are able to profile a meter and provide a report showing hourly usage for a specified billing period.  The cost of the report is $40, payable in advance.  

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