Disabled Parking, Placards & Plates

Contact the State and County for Disabled Parking Placards and License Plates  

The state and county issue disabled parking placards and license plates. The City of McKinney is not involved. The links below will take you to the information needed to get a disabled parking placard or license plate.


The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles website provides information on who can qualify and how to apply for disabled parking placards and license plates. Obtain the required forms from the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles.


Once the application form is completed and signed by a doctor or health care provider, it can be submitted to the county tax office. Find out more information on the Collin County website.

If you are visiting from another state or country, your valid disabled parking placard and plates will be honored, providing the placard / plate is valid. However, you must abide by Texas laws regarding parking privileges, which may be different from your home state or country.