Junior Lifeguards

Junior Lifeguard Program

The APEX Centre is proud to host the City of McKinney Junior Lifeguarding program for Spring 2018! Junior Lifeguard teaches kids the importance of water safety, teamwork, confidence and basic rescue skills while ensuring a fun and safe environment. If you would like to sign up please use our online registration system

Participants will be required to pass a swim test that includes the following:

  • Swim the front crawl continuously for 25 yards
  • Swim the breaststroke continuously for 25 yards
  • Tread water for one minute using arms and legs
  • Float on his/her back for thirty seconds
  • Submerge and swim a distance of ten feet underwater

If you have any questions about the course or signing up please call our Aquatics Department at 972-547-9029

Junior Lifeguards