Newcomer Gardening

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Are you a Texas transplant, new to gardening or want to learn how to be a successful gardener? The Newcomers Guide to Gardening in North Texas event was designed with you in mind.

Lecture topics during September event included: Why Earth-Kind is Important, The Dirt on North Texas Soils, Butterfly Gardening, How to Water Wisely, Vegetable Gardening and the Top 100 Plants for North Texas.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the September event. Highlights are in the video above. The next event is March 3, 2018.

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greg_churchDr. Greg Church
Previous Texas A&M AgriLife County Extension Agent for Horticulture in Collin County

Topic:  Why Earth-Kind is important
bryan_mooreBryan Moore
Compost Operations
Texas Pure Products

Topic:  The dirt on North Texas soil
gail_donaldsonGail Donaldson
Water Conservation Manager
City of Allen

Topic:  How to water wisely
patrick_dickinsonPatrick Dickinson
Program Coordinator  
Texas A&M AgriLife Water University

Topic:  Top 100 Plants for North Texas
daniel_cunninghamDaniel Cunningham
Program Coordinator
Texas A&M AgriLife Water University

Topic:  Vegetable Gardening

nancy_payneNancy Payne
Owner & Designer
Habitat Landscapes

Topic:  Butterfly Gardening