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The Apex Centre offers many ways to get fit. Whether you prefer group exercise classes, aquatic classes, weight training or 

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Mar Linda Perez

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Before I joined the Apex Centre I was at my lowest. All my clothes consisted of X’s,” more than I could admit.

Then I heard about the “Hold it for the Holidays” program. It was 800 minutes of cardio in seven weeks with a special backpack if you logged the most minutes (photo above).

That’s when everything changed! 

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I was told my biggest competition was 2019 winner, Gene Sera. I would not have been driven to success, had he not been the tough competitor he is.

There were days when I didn’t have the time or energy but went anyway because I didn’t want to fall behind. My personal challenge was taking the initiative to help myself, and not give up. I came out on top with 6,200 minutes!

I finally lost enough weight to feel comfortable, unashamed to be seen in public, and able to fit back into my regular clothes.

First and foremost, I owe my success to God, who healed my tired, soar body and would bring me back each day to do it again. Secondly, I owe my toughest competitor Gene, who continually drove me to push myself (pictured above).

A special thanks to Tara Beck, the fitness supervisor, who inspired me to keep going and the entire front desk staff who were always kind to me. It truly was my pleasure and honor to get to know them. I appreciate all their encouragement.

We at the Apex Centre hope Mar Linda continues to reach her health and fitness goals!

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