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The Apex Centre offers many ways to get fit. Whether you prefer group exercise classes, aquatic classes, weight training or 

another way of getting fit, let us know about your successes.

Improve Your Overall Health

Wes Shannon

Workout Routine:

  • Aerobic
  • Strength training
  • Has gone 33 weeks with three or more hours of workouts per week 

Read His Journey

Wes improves his overall health at the Apex Centre 

I am a 55-year-old diabetic male with a history of atrial fibrillation and in the past I have been on three diabetic medicines and three heart medicines. In January 2018, I did the "My Health 30 Visit Challenge“ and posted the flyer on my refrigerator. When I filled up one sheWes Shannonet with 30 visits, I added another and another, and through the year kept adding them. 

I've gone 33 weeks working out three or more hours per week. I do aerobic and strength training, alternating between the two each visit. As a result, I brought my A1C blood test down from 6.5 to 5.8 and my doctor took me off of one of my three medications. 

I lost a full pant size and I have had no atrial fibrillation in a year. I’ve lost 6 lbs., but I get more excited about wearing smaller clothes than I do the actual pounds lost. I've gone from a X-large size to large.

I had a knee injury and an illness this summer but because of my improved fitness level, I recovered more quickly than I had in the past. Also, my allergies have greatly improved since I started getting in better shape. I'm still working on getting off the other medications, wearing size mediums and lowering to another pant size. It is fun having to replace my belts. 

Yes, I have made better food choices, but the increase in my fitness level due to exercise at the Apex Centre is what makes me feel so much healthier and has improved my actual health.

We at the Apex Centre are so proud of Wes’s achievements!

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