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The Apex Centre offers many ways to get fit. Whether you prefer group exercise classes, aquatic classes, weight training or 

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Deyonka Moten

Workout Routine:

  • Enjoys Maria’s cardio and Zumba classes

Read About Her Journey

Deyonka is in the best shape ever! Deyonka Moten

Before my relocation to Texas I attended weekly Zumba and cardio classes and was very dedicated to my exercise routine.

Unfortunately, my weight remained the same. One of my top priorities in my new city was to join a gym. I started attending Maria’s classes at the Apex Centre. 

Maria’s cardio class and routine were something I had never experienced. I thought I was in great shape, but her cardio routines made me realize I still had a lot of work to do! Before attending Maria’s classes, I was unable to hold a plank position, I could only lift five-pound weights and my abs showed no signs of all the sit-ups I’d done each week. 

Now, I have lost 15 pounds (without dieting), I can lift 10-12 pounds without a struggle, I can hold a plank position and side planks with ease and I have abs! Maria is the best instructor I have ever had! She is so dedicated to her classes. There is something different to strengthen me and push me forward in each class. She cares that her class does the exercises correctly, hence my new abs! 

Thank you for hiring such an awesome instructor! Also, thanks to her Zumba classes I can now dance the merengue, mambo, salsa and the Cumbria! It is the most authentic Zumba class I have attended. I am very happy I did not give up because the routines were challenging. I am in the best shape I have ever been and am over 40!

We at the Apex Centre are so happy for Deyonka!

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