Member Spotlight

Brag a little! Member Spotlight

The Apex Centre offers many ways to get fit. Whether you prefer group exercise classes, aquatic classes, weight training or 

another way of getting fit, let us know about your successes.

Making it a Family Affair

Jeff Jenkins before and afterJeff Jenkins

  • Member since 2017
  • Weight loss 56 pounds
  • Favorite workout: cardio, functional and strength equipment
  • Frequency: Five to six days a week

Consistency Is the Key

Jeff Jenkins has attributed consistency to his success of losing 56 pounds within five and a half months at the Apex Centre. Jeff was a football player at LSU, and size was important factor for success in his position while handling the physical nature of the sport. However over the years, old sport injuries and aches crept into his life. Jeff realized he needed to make some changes, but his current schedule pastoring his church was eventful and did not leave much time for him to work out. 

Making Health a Priority

Jeff decided, regardless of his schedule, he needed to prioritize health in his lifestyle and make it a family affair. He decided that the Apex Centre was the best place to get him to his goal weight of 225 pounds while also providing his family the recreation services they would enjoy.

Family Matters

Jeff regularly works out five to six days a week utilizing the cardio, functional and strength training equipment, then rewards himself by lounging at the pool after his workouts. Jeff has surpassed his original goal and is on his way to his new goal of 210 pounds. In addition, Jeff’s family has utilized the fitness amenities and met some great fitness milestones as well. His daughter has lost 31 pounds over the course of her membership at the Apex Centre. Way to go Jeff and family!

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