CSS Existing Permit Connections

My active permits, issued prior to Oct. 16, 2017, are not showing up in my CSS dashboard. How do I fix this?

The City of McKinney is dedicated to providing excellent service to you and we apologize for any delay in our processing time throughout this transition to CSS and EnerGov. We’re positive that you’ll love the functionality of this new system but first, we need your help to make that happen. Any permits that were issued prior to Oct. 16, 2017 and are still active will need to be manually connected to your new CSS account registration by city staff before you are able to view or interact with them in CSS.

To interact with one of your active permits that was issued prior to Oct. 16, 2017, please ensure you have done the following:

  • Create a CSS user account (all contacts on the permit need to do this).
  • If you have an existing, active permit that has not been linked to a CSS user yet, submit a CSS User Connection Form to  so we can assist you with making the connections. This is the only format in which we can accept connection requests. Please ensure that you are only sending lists of active permits and not those that are already completed. Due to high volumes, list connection forms sent to any email addresses other than the CSS email cannot be processed.
  • Once you are registered and have been linked to your existing active permit, you have the ability to add additional contacts to your permits in CSS by clicking the “Contacts” tab then “Add Contact.” As long as your additional contacts have already created a new CSS account, you have the ability to connect them to the permit yourself. Some examples of additional contacts could be a homeowner, subcontractors, general contractors, project managers, etc.