Investigative Services Division

The Investigative Services Division comprises personnel from Crime Scene, Property and Evidence and the Quartermaster. These personnel play a support role for the major functions of the police department. Email the Investigative Services Division

Crime Scene Unit

The Crime Scene Unit is responsible for the identification, collection and preservation of evidence from crime scenes. The Crime Scene Unit consists of Forensic Investigators who respond to the scene of crimes as requested by the Patrol Division to collect and preserve evidence.

Property & Evidence

The Property and Evidence Unit is primarily responsible for the receipt, inventory and storage of property and evidence. Along with this, this unit maintains meticulous documentation to preserve the chain of custody for each item impounded and to review and research case information to obtain final dispositions in accordance with state law and procedure.


The Quartermaster keeps track of McKinney Police Department assets and inventory - uniforms, equipment, weapons and badges and much more. Part of the job is to work with vendors, researching the best value for the most effective equipment. The Quartermaster makes sure all officers are equipped in a similar way, that equipment and uniforms get into the right hands and that there is enough of each item for department needs.