McKinney First

City Council Goals and Strategies

Direction for Strategic & Economic Growth
  • Establish regional and infrastructure incentives to increase economic growth
  • Develop a retail development strategy for key areas of the community to further diversify revenue sources and expand entertainment, dining and shopping options
  • Provide a strong city economy by facilitating a balance between industrial, commercial, residential and open space

Operational Excellence
  • Establish a timeline for a Municipal Facility / Downtown Parking
  • Implement performance management practices that include developing and training staff and Board and Commission members
  • Balance available resources to accommodate the growth and maintenance needs of the city
  • Identify opportunities for internal efficiencies through recurring analyses and continuous improvement

Maximize the Development Potential of the McKinney National Airport
  • Implement initiatives and strategies to attract and expand corporate and commercial aviation
  • Identify and implement land use regulations and policies which preserve and expand long-term operational success
  • Improve communication and marketing the value of the McKinney National Airport to the city and region
  • Continually maintain national recognition for excellence in Fixed Base Operations

Financially Sound Government
  • Provide funding and organizational frameworks to ensure continual economic improvements
  • Balance resources generated by property taxes, sales taxes and fees
  • Pursue and maintain an AAA Bond Rating with S&P and Moody’s
  • Create financial plans for future growth as well as future maintenance

Enhance the Quality of Life in McKinney
  • Create affordable and accessible cultural arts activities and quality-of-life resources for all ages throughout the city
  • Maximize public / private partnerships
  • Develop Parks strategy to preserve green space for future park land
  • Continue to market and highlight Downtown McKinney as a unique destination for residents and visitors alike

Safe & Secure Community
  • Maintain performance measures that set McKinney apart from other cities
  • Pursue and maintain the highest Insurance Service Office (ISO) fire protection classification
  • Pursue and maintain low crime rates in comparison to other communities
  • Continually increase operational efficiency in public safety departments