Economic Development

Growing McKinney’s Economy

Economic Development programs are designed by the city to attract industry and investment, create jobs and otherwise grow the economy. Learn about the programs and incentives supported by your tax dollars. 

The City of McKinney strives to be an open government and provide transparency to the public in all areas. We are working to further develop public information in finances, contract and procurement, economic development, public pensions and debt obligations.

Economic Development Enhances McKinney’s Quality of Life 

The City of McKinney is dedicated to offering the highest quality of development, infrastructure and quality of life for citizens. We do this in part by enhancing and expanding the city’s economy. Competition with other cities on the local, state and international levels mean we sometimes need to offer more incentives to attract investment and business to the community. The city’s “pro-business” philosophy is designed not only to attract high-quality companies but to keep them as well. The city works to negotiate win/win incentive agreements, striving for a fair and reasonable return on investment for our taxpayers on any agreement.

It is the city’s policy to encourage new investment and business attraction through tax grants, performance-based job creation grants and/or other redevelopment grants, as authorized by Chapter 380.001 of the Texas Local Government Code. The city has chosen Chapter 380 as the preferred path to provide incentives, and offers a couple of tax abatements, as authorized by Chapter 312 of the Texas Tax Code, which may provide a reduction of taxes owed on new added value for a defined period of time.

Tax Grants Provided

In an effort to encourage new investment and reinvestment in the city’s physical environment and provide a foundation on which businesses may locate and expand their operations, the city may provide a tax grant equal to a portion of taxes owed on new real and/or business personal property values over a base year value. The actual amount and duration of the tax grant may vary based on a determination by City Council, but projects may be eligible for a grant equal to 100% of real or personal property, for a period of up to ten years.

Economic Development Summary Table FY22
Number of tax abatements granted in FY 22
No active Tax Abatements
Estimated taxes abated in year one of agreements as total
No active Tax Abatements
Estimated taxes abated in year one of agreements per capita
No active Tax Abatements
Estimated taxes abated for life of agreements
No active Tax Abatements
Number of jobs created/retained by agreements to date
Total capital Investment received for agreements to date

City of McKinney: Total Tax Abatements & Reimbursements Awarded

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Tax Reimbursements

The city currently administers 22 active economic incentive agreements. View details about all agreements.

McKinney Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) Agreements

The MEDC currently administers 74 active economic incentive agreements. View details about the agreements.

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