Traditional Finances

Traditional Finances

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Most Recent Financial Information

The following financial summary data is from the government-wide Statement of Activities in the city's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR). The government-wide Statement of Activities reports the results of the city's operations on an accrual basis of accounting. Revenues are recognized when earned, and expenses are recognized at the time the liability is incurred.

The per capita figures are based on the city’s 2018 estimated population of 179,804.

Fiscal Year 2018Per Capita
Revenues & Transfers

Governmental Activities:

Program Revenues$81,234,309$451.79
Property Taxes107,281,843   596.66
Sales Taxes   29,078,546   161.72
Franchise Taxes   16,253,134    90.39
Other Revenues     5,153,192    28.86
Transfers  (20,387,661) (121.10)
Total Governmental Activities$218,613,363$1,298.50
Business-Type Activities:

Program Revenues$151,125,878$840.50
Other Revenues       4,205,859    23.39
Transfers     20,387,661  113.39
Total Business-Type Activities$175,719,398$977.28  
Total Government-Wide Revenues$394,332,761$2,193

Governmental Activities$192,218,662$1,069.05
Business-Type Activities  108,234,328     601.96
Total Expenses$300,452,990 $1671.00
Total Government-Wide Expenses$300,452,990 $1671.00
Change in Net Position$93,879,771   $522.12
Total Full-Time Equivalent Positions1,188

Downloadable Data

Business Type Activites Rev  Exp
Rev  Exp Per Capita
Property Tax

Finance Department

The Finance Department is committed to building public trust through sound financial management and innovative and effective business decisions while protecting the city’s assets, ensuring compliance with federal, state and local laws and regulations. The previous Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports along with the current and three previous years of check registers are listed below for your convenience.

Budget Department

The Budget Department of the City of McKinney services the institution’s strategic priorities through budget development that is aligned with the Mayor and Council’s priorities as reflected by the democratic process of a representative government. The previously-adopted budgets along with our latest budget worksheet are listed below for your convenience.