McKinney’s inherent uniqueness embodies the spirit of our community, from our thriving historic downtown and Croatian-inspired Adriatica Village to our serene natural settings, recreational opportunities, and business-friendly environment. Each of these creates a unique sense of identity in the community and offers special meeting places for families and friends. A balanced way of life, sense of place and authenticity makes McKinney “Unique by nature.”

Take a moment to reflect on what you love about McKinney. Maybe it's the sense of community, the beautiful parks, the excellent schools, the thriving business community, or the fantastic events throughout the year. Whatever it is, let's celebrate it and take pride in living in one of the best cities in America.

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What characteristics do you love most about McKinney? Is it adventure, music or entertainment? Culture, food or beauty?


Look for our traveling letters at our parks, snap a photo, and tag #IAMUNIQUEBYNATURE!

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