Mitchell Park Sculpture Semifinalists

Dr. Glenn Mitchell Park Sculpture Project

As part of the McKinney Arts Commission’s public art program, a new sculpture will be installed in Dr. Glenn Mitchell Park adjacent to Historic Downtown McKinney. The installation is made possible by funding from the McKinney Arts Commission and City of McKinney with matching support from downtown developer and business owner, Don Day and his children.

The McKinney Arts Commission issued a national call for entries for the sculpture and three semi-finalists have been identified. We invite the public to learn more about the three semi-finalists and provide public input regarding their favorite design. 

The online public input portal will be available from Saturday, Nov. 10 to Saturday, Nov. 17.

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Three Sculpture Proposals Are Semifinalists for the Sculpture Project

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  • Gate of Unity by Humanity Memorial Inc. 
  • McKinney Life by Madeline Wiener
  • New Wings by Keith Brian 
Gate of Unity

Gate of Unity

Artist: Humanity Memorial Inc.

The circle in the dynamic motion of coming together represents the spirit of unity in your community.

It will be a great honor if we can create artworks with you to evoke our bond to earth and one another to celebrate diversity and inspire unity in your beautiful park space.

McKinney Life

McKinney Life

Artist: Madeline Wiener

I have created this figure in my “Bench People” style uniquely for Mitchell Park.

The figure exemplifies the peaceful nature of McKinney and is stretched out relaxing beneath the pecan trees, simply enjoying the day. This figure is very welcoming as her ample shape invites folks to sit on her lap and experience the beautiful setting among the oak and pecan trees. She is youthful yet timeless in her representation of young and old. Adults and children can find familiarity with her as her joy is contagious in this wonderful natural environment.

New Wings

New Wings

Artist: Brian Keith

Here, we see a little girl transformed. On her back, she has her very own pair of butterfly wings. Her face displays the sheer joy of soaring off to explore limitless horizons as a pair of butterflies takes her on her new journey. Shouldn’t we all be like this little girl who looks at the unknown with a sense of excitement and wonder? She is a playful explorer.

“We want our imagination to soar to new heights. So, what do you dream will be the next adventure plot twist in your story? What new things are you exploring that will make that dream a reality? My guess is that most of us want to fearlessly write the best story we can. We want to be intrepid explorers. So where will your wings take you?”