Prop A: Public Safety Facilities

Public Safety facilities

City of McKinney Bond Election 2019

Prop A Passed: $75,000,000 for public safety facilities

Bond Proposition A

The city proposed $75 million for improvements and expansion of McKinney’s Public Safety facilities, including the McKinney Public Safety Building complex, located at 2200 Taylor-Burk Dr. The funds will be used generally for the design and construction of facilities, the acquisition of land if required, as well as off-site improvements of Public Safety facilities. Additional facilities will fulfill the projected growth of both police and fire administration, as well as land acquisition for future fire stations and improvements to current fire stations.

Fast Facts

The Public Safety Building was constructed on a 16-acre site and occupied in 2006 for the McKinney Police Department and the McKinney Fire Department Administration. A Public Safety Support Building was constructed on the site and occupied in 2018.

More than 400 employees use the buildings on a daily basis, and approximately 150 employees currently office there full-time. Building operations include Fire and Police Department Administration, criminal investigations, Emergency Operations Center, 911 dispatch, Fire Department Training Division, Logistics and Prevention, as well as meeting and training space.

Project Details

  • Expansion of the current Public Safety Building
    The existing facilities were designed in phases to accommodate each department’s needs coinciding with the growth of the city. Since opening, McKinney has doubled in population and expanding the Public Safety facilities addresses growth in the city.
  • Parking garage facilities for police and fire vehicles
    The multi-level structured parking garage will accommodate the city’s expanding police and fire fleet.
  • Security upgrades to existing fire station facilities
    Security upgrades and other improvements to existing fire station facilities will ensure the safety and enhance the operational needs of fire personnel and equipment.
  • Land for public safety development
    Land purchases for future public safety uses as well as fire station development to aid in maintaining certifications and an industry-leading ISO Rating of 1.