Prop B: Municipal Community Complex

Municipal community complex

City of McKinney Bond Election 2019

Prop B Passed: $50,000,000 for Municipal Community Complex

Bond Proposition B

The city proposed $50 million to be used in the design and construction of a new McKinney Municipal Community Complex. The complex includes public and community spaces for City Council and citizens, as well as city departments including City Manager, City Secretary, Communications and Marketing, Development Services, Financial Services, Housing and Community Development, Human Resources, Information Technology and Parks and Recreation Administration.

Fast Facts

McKinney’s current City Hall building was built in the 1950s and houses only three of the city’s nine departments that would ultimately reside in a new cohesive facility. Those three departments include City Manager, City Secretary and Financial Services.

Of the other six departments to be located in a new facility, Communications and Marketing, Development Services, Housing and Community Development, Human Resources and Information Technology departments currently reside in leased facilities.

The Development Services Department is in a facility that was built in the 1960s, and the Parks and Recreation Department resides in a facility that was previously a residential community building built in the 1970s.

Project Details

  • The proposed Municipal Community Complex will allow more streamlined city services. Currently, the nine departments intended to be housed within a new facility are as far as eight miles from each other. Furthermore, the city pays approximately $650,000 annually to lease office space for the delivery of core services, an expense that will virtually be eliminated with the construction of a new facility.
  • The city has completed a space and needs study to accurately identify the square footage requirements, acreage requirements and facility functionality requirements that will serve the community for years to come.
  • The Municipal Community Complex will be designed to accommodate the city’s growth for the next generation.
  • City staff and City Council are considering several locations throughout McKinney. Each site allows the Municipal Community Complex to meet the needs of the city.
  • $50 million will serve as a significant source of funding, but it will not cover the entire cost. However, the city is confident this funding can leverage additional public-private partnership opportunities that will help share some of the project costs and risks, as well as utilize private sector finance and innovation.