Prop E: Street Improvements

Street improvements

City of McKinney Bond Election 2019

Prop E Passed: $100,000,000 for Street Improvements Including Sidewalk, Alley and Other Traffic Flow Improvements

Bond Proposition E

The city proposed $100 million for the construction or reconstruction of transportation projects that will improve mobility and safety along streets and roadways, reduce congestion and address aging infrastructure.

Fast Facts

Potential projects for funding were chosen based on the city’s master thoroughfare plan, ONE McKinney 2040 Comprehensive Plan, five-year Capital Improvement Plan, and the City Council’s current strategic priorities. These plans focus on a variety of factors intended to meet the infrastructure needs of the city.

Project Details

  • Annual Projects
    Funds are set aside on a yearly basis to address project needs as they arise. These include projects like intersection turn lanes and safety improvements, traffic signals, street pavement repairs and pedestrian accessibility improvements.
  • Roadway and Other Projects
    Additional projects that will be addressed with bond funds include roadway capacity improvement projects, new roadway construction, town center roadway improvements and Intelligent Transportation Systems. Please see the five-year Capital Improvement Plan for examples of the types of projects within these categories.

Financial Information

The proposed $100 million is intended to be combined with other funding sources to leverage city bond dollars, including federal grants, state grants, roadway impact fees and other miscellaneous sources. Because of the high likelihood outside funding will be secured for multiple transportation projects, the potential projects listed could fluctuate based on fund timing and availability.