Light up Louisiana

This project includes necessary utility, drainage and pedestrian improvements and will also include upgrades to paving, landscape and lighting along Louisiana Street in two separate stretches.

Louisiana East - Upcoming 2021

Tennessee Street to S.H. 5

Louisiana West - Completed

Church Street to Kentucky Street

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Light up Louisiana Construction Map

Louisiana East - Upcoming 2021

ProgressProject Phase / Step

Phase 1 | Waterline Construction

Phase 2, Step 1 | Chestnut to McDonald - northern half of roadway

Phase 2, Step 2 | Chestnut to McDonald - southern half of roadway

Phase 3, Step 1 | Tennessee to Chestnut - northern half of roadway

Phase 3, Step 2 | Tennessee to Chestnut - southern half of roadway

Phase 4 | Final clean-up
GreenDot - Project in Progress Indicates the particular project phase / step is in progress.


Coffee with the Contractor: Bi-Weekly Meetings

Have your questions answered directly by the contractor, Axis Contracting, Inc., and learn about the upcoming schedule.

When: Friday, January 15, 2021

Time: 9:30 a.m.

Where: MPAC Lawn, west side picnic tables

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Traffic Status

During installation of the waterline, a lane of traffic will be temporarily closed in areas where the contractor is working. One lane of eastbound traffic will be maintained at all times through construction.