Restaurant Scores

The City of McKinney Code Department Regularly Inspects McKinney Restaurants

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Health Inspections


Health Compliance staff inspects restaurants on a schedule based on risk. Inspections are routine, follow-up or courtesy inspections. Scores only show items that were seen by the inspector during the inspection.


The City of McKinney uses the inspection form adopted by the Texas Department of State Health Services which is a demerit-based scoring system. There are 47 items on the inspection form and each item carries a different weighted demerit depending on the violation. The demerits are assigned numerical values of 3, 2, or 1 with 3 being the most severe violation.

The score beside each restaurant is the total score from the most recent health inspection. A health inspection score of 0 is the best score a restaurant can receive. Restaurants try to have the fewest violations and lowest number of demerits each day they are open.

Interactive Map 

The interactive map shows the location of McKinney Restaurants. When you view a particular location, you will be able to see the current and previous score and view the most recent report. Go to the map

Scores List

The scores list shows all the McKinney Restaurants in an easy to view table. Use the scroll bar on the right of the table to navigate up and down through the list. You can also search the list by using the search feature bar that is above the table. This table only has the number of demerits that a location has received, actual inspection reports are available to view/download from the map.

Understanding a Health Inspection Report

  • Three-demerit violations are priority items and need to have quick attention. Some of the violations in this category are foods that are at the wrong temperature, foods not from an approved source, bare-hand contact with ready-to-eat foods and improper cleaning of food contact surfaces.
  • Two-demerit violations are priority items and the restaurant must correct them within 10 days. Some violations in this category are food handler training for employees, date-marking of food items and posting of consumer advisories.
  • One-demerit violations are core items and must be corrected within 90 days or before the next routine inspection. Some of the violations in this category include the presence of insects, non-food contact areas such as floors, walls and ceiling not cleaned and proper disposal of trash and other waste.
  • A restaurant fails if it receives more than 30 demerits. If this occurs, a food establishment may be asked to close for business at the inspector’s discretion. This decision is based on the restaurant’s history of compliance, the nature of the violations and other risk factors. Certain violations may mean that a food establishment is closed immediately. These violations include a lack of electricity or water, overflowing sewage or other unsanitary or imminent health risks.
  • A restaurant that receives a failing score or is closed by Health Compliance will have one or more follow-up inspections to make sure they are in compliance with minimum standards. However, a restaurant’s original score will remain on the interactive map until the next routine Health Inspection.