FD: Plan Submittal Guides & Details

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Plan Submittals

  • All plan submittals must be accompanied by a Fire Protection Plan Review Permit Application, no exceptions. 
  • The Commercial Building Permit Number (COM#) associated with this project must be provided on the application, no exceptions.
  • The Project Valuation associated with the fire protection work must be provided on the application, no exceptions.  
  • All plan submittals must be accompanied by a copy of their respective Texas State Fire Marshal's Office (TSFMO), Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) or Texas Board of Professional Engineers (TBPE) license.
  • All plan submittals and calculations must be signed by a TSFMO License Contractor, TCEQ Licensed Contractor or Qualified F.P.E.
  • The contractor is responsible for ensuring that the system(s) being installed or modified is in compliance with all locally adopted codes, including, but not limited to the 2018 International Fire Code with local amendments and referenced NFPA Standard.
  • Plans approved by the McKinney Fire Marshal’s Office give authorization for construction. Final approvals are subject to field verification. Any approval issued by the Fire Marshal’s Office does not release the contractor or property owner from the responsibility of full compliance with all applicable codes and ordinances relating to the construction project. Final approvals are subject to field inspection and verification.
  • All installations must concur with the approved plans. Any deviation from the approved plans requires a re-submittal to the Fire Marshal’s Office prior to inspection. Failure to submit revised plans prior to the inspection may result in a delay in inspection and sign-off.
  • All plan review and inspection process steps must be followed. Deviation from the requirements can result in delays and possible rejection of plans or inspection delays.

Plan Review Time & Hierarchy

It is the goal of the Fire Marshal's Office to complete your plan review within the shortest possible time. We strive to complete your plan review within 2-3 weeks from receipt of a complete plan submittal package. Please be advised that revisions, changes, or an incomplete submittal package may delay your final approval.

Plans are reviewed based on the hierarchy of fire protection systems. That is, the fire sprinkler overhead will not be reviewed until the fire sprinkler underground has been permitted and the fire alarm will not be reviewed until the fire sprinkler system has been permitted, and so forth.

This same rule is applied to civil and building construction plans. Civil plans are not reviewed until the site plan is approved and building construction plans are not reviewed until the civil plans have been approved.


Plan Submittal Guidelines

These guidelines are to be followed when a submittal for a permit is required by the McKinney Fire Department for installation, modification, operations, or otherwise required within the City of McKinney.

All requirements for the purposes of these guidelines shall conform to the 2018 International Fire Code, as adopted and amended by the City of McKinney, and any applicable NFPA standards.

These guides do not replace or supersede any codes and/or ordinances adopted by the City of McKinney or determinations and positions of the Fire Chief or Fire Marshal.


The Commercial Permit Number (COM#) must accompany all new plan review submittals and applications. Your submittal will not be processed for review without the COM# and will result in a delay in the review process and issuance of a permit.

Permit Application PDFs

Guideline PDFs


Standard Details

Unless noted otherwise, the details are provided for reference and information only. Deviations from the below standard details is allowed with the written approval of the Fire Marshal or his designee.

Fire Hydrant Details - JPGs

Refer to the Engineering Water and Wastewater Design Specifications Manual for detailed specifications. Specific site conditions may increase the required access areas.

STORZ Fire Department Connection (FDC) Details - PDFs

Fire Sprinkler Underground - JPGs

Vault Details - JPGs

Fire Lane Turnarounds - JPGs

These details are scaled to be printed on 8.5 by 11 inch paper.

Wayfaring Sign Details

Fire Lane Striping Details

Additional fire lane detail drawings and fire department access drawings are included in the Fire Lane Guidelines and in Information Notice 2008-04 and Administrative Ruling / Interpretation 2008-05. Please see these documents for additional information and/or clarification.