Stormwater Management Program 

The Stormwater Management Program is part of McKinney’s Development Services Engineering Division that manages the city's Texas Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (TPDES) and its Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4). This Program implements stormwater-related capital projects and provides technical assistance to other city departments.

The Stormwater Management Program has been developed to inform residents, visitors, businesses, commercial and industrial facilities and construction site personnel about hazards associated with illegal discharges and improper disposal of waste, the impact stormwater discharges have on local waterways and steps that can be taken to reduce pollutants in stormwater.

Stormwater Management Program Purpose 

  • Reduce the discharge of pollutants from the city's MS4 to the maximum extent practicable
  • Protect water quality
  • Satisfy the appropriate water quality requirements of the Clean Water Act and the Texas Water

Projects and Programs

To learn more, read about the Stormwater Program's current projects and programs, and please do your part to help preserve the quality of our water and the environment. Take a look at the Know Where It Goes page to see how you can do your part to help.

For more information about McKinney's Stormwater Management Program contact Tricia Haas, at 972-547-7419.

Report stormwater pollution or dumping of pollutants into stormwater drains by calling 972-547-7559.