Protecting Our Water Quality

Stormwater refers to any water that falls to the ground and travels overland to local waterways. Because stormwater travels overland, it picks up pollutants and delivers them into surface water, affecting water quality. 

The City of McKinney passed a Stormwater Management Ordinance & developed a Stormwater Management Program (SWMP) in accordance with TCEQ MS4 permit requirements to help protect surface water quality within city limits by reducing the amount of pollutants that enter our waterways.

To see how we’re doing, visit our Annual Report.

Flooding Information

Sources of Water Pollution

Pollution comes from a wide variety of small sources such as litter, pet waste, and yard waste. This means that each one of us can have a huge impact on surface water quality in our community and for our neighbors downstream.

Construction activities can also directly impact the quality of our surface water. Owners and operators of construction sites are responsible for implementing stormwater BMPs. Find out more about construction permits in McKinney.

Report stormwater pollution or dumping of pollutants into stormwater drains with our online form or by calling 972-547-7420.