Traffic / Transportation

Reporting Issues

To report emergency conditions or need for repair, or if any of the following are present, please call Traffic Control at 972-547-7360. Report a non-emergency Traffic issue.

  • Damaged or missing signs
  • School zone lights not working
  • Sight restrictions at intersections
  • Traffic signal malfunctioning

Streetlight Outages

Streetlights are maintained by the electric companies. Use the following links to report outages directly to the electric companies:


Connected Cities Partner

The Waze Connected Cities Program allows the City of McKinney to provide Waze with advanced and real-time information about:

  • Road closures
  • Construction
  • Incidents

In exchange, Waze provides real-time, anonymous, user-generated slowdown and incident information. Find out more about Connected Cities.

This program helps us to reach our goal of providing a safe and efficient transportation system within McKinney. 


About Traffic Signals

Traffic controls establish which vehicles have the right-of-way, improve traffic flow and reduce intersection delays. Examples include yield signs, stop signs, traffic signals and turn prohibition signs. The Texas Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (TMUTCD), a state-wide set of standards for traffic control devices, has very specific guidelines and criteria for the proper use and placement of intersection control.

Requests for Traffic Signal Installation

Requests for installation of intersection controls may be submitted to the Engineering Department. A traffic study will be conducted to determine if an upgrade of traffic controls is warranted. The traffic study includes:

  • Measurement of traffic volumes into the intersection from all approaches.
  • Analysis of the distribution of traffic throughout the day
  • Gathering accident records for the intersection.

If a traffic signal is justified, the installation of a four-way stop may be considered as a temporary measure until funding for the traffic signal becomes available. 

  • Traffic signals cost more than $250,000 per intersection.


Traffic Calming Program

To help maintain and improve the safety of residential streets, City Council adopted a program to address traffic issues like speeding, cut-through traffic and parking problems in residential neighborhoods. Our goal is to have 85% of vehicles going at or below the posted speed limit.

When a traffic problem in a residential neighborhood is reported, the first step in the process is generally to conduct a traffic study at that location to determine the extent of the problem. After the traffic study is complete, staff then discusses the available options

Read the Neighborhood Traffic Management Program for traffic calming policies.


Traffic Count Information

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