FD: Special Operations

Through advanced training and certification, we maintain Special Operations teams. Specialty team members are trained to respond to and mitigate unique, critical situations. Through on-going education, training and technician level certifications, the Special Operations Teams are ready to help protect the community 24-hours a day.

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Technical Rescue Team

Two men in a yellow raft on a river wearing life vests and helmets.

Team members operate out of Fire Stations 1 and 5. The Technical Rescue Team operates in the following situations:

  • Rope or high angles
  • Swift or floodwaters
  • Trench and confined spaces
  • Advanced vehicle rescue (heavy equipment/machinery)

View the photo gallery for examples of these situations



Large field of dry grass with row of fire in the distance and firefighter in front.

Team members respond to statewide disasters such as wildfires, flooding, tornadoes, and hurricanes.

In 2019 and 2020, McKinney's TIFMAS teams deployed to assist with the devastating California wildfires.

View the photo gallery for examples of these situations



Small airplane upside down on grass with firefighters standing nearby

This specially trained crew operates out of Fire Station 4 next to the McKinney National Airport. Members are trained to respond to aircraft crash fire suppression and passenger rescue.

ARFF members must achieve and maintain ratings as firefighters for both Basic Structural and Basic Aircraft Rescue with the Texas Commission on Fire Protection.

This requires more than 1,200 hours for the initial training.

Some of the topics required by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration include: 

  • Airport and aircraft familiarization.
  • Aircraft cargo hazards.
  • Emergency aircraft evacuation assistance.
  • Application of different extinguishing agents.
  • Adapting structural rescue and firefighting equipment to aircraft incidents.
  • Rescue and firefighting personnel safety.

To maintain their certifications, each team member must complete continuing education activities during the year, including at least one live fire drill.

ARFF Truck
A specially trained firefighter is stationed with the ARFF truck at Station 4 at all times.
Watch a video about the ARFF Truck

View the photo gallery for examples of these situations


Special Operations Logo

special ops logo

Paratas – Prepared, Well Equipped

Velox – Swift, Rapid

Doctus – Learned, Well Educated

Elements of the Logo
Bows and Arrows:  We possess a “full quiver” of skills and remain ready to respond to the various needs of our citizens and visitors.

Books: A high level of competence, utilizing evidence-based learning and practice-based knowledge.

Rope: Like the strands of a rope, each Special Operations member contributes to the overall strength of the unit.

Stars: Each skillset covered under Special Operations.


Technical Rescue Team at Work