Contractor Registration


Licensed contractors must register with the City of McKinney before a permit can be issued. To register as a subcontractor, the license holder must first create an account on CSS (Citizen Self Service Portal). The subcontractor must provide the information in accordance with his/her registration type. Please see the lists below which give the registration documents needed for each contractor type.

Subcontractor Validation Form

The City of McKinney also requires a subcontractor validation form to be submitted for each individual project. When a subcontractor is working under a GC, the GC will provide the subcontractor validation form PDF that needs to be signed by each master license holder. All required signatures must be on the form before a permit can be issued. To change a subcontractor on a permit that has been issued, use the change of subcontractor form PDF.

Contractor Registration Types

The Building Inspections Department registers the following contractors and licenses:

  • Electrical Licenses
    • Electrical Contractors
    • Master Electrician
    • Journeyman Electrician
    • Residential Wireman Electrician
  • Other Licenses
    • Mechanical Licenses
    • Plumbing Licenses

Please note:

Licensed irrigators and backflow testers must register with the Water / Wastewater Department at 1550 South College St. For more information, call 972-547-7360.

Registration on CSS (Citizen Self Service Portal)

Although the license holder must create an account on CSS first, the registration must still be reviewed and completed by the Permit Technicians. Please continue to email the completed registration form and copies of licenses after you have registered an account on CSS.

General Contractor (GC)

There is no fee or form to fill out. Contractor registration is not required. The general contractor (GC) will provide the city with the information about his company when the permit is submitted. 

Electrical Contractors

Provide the following documents:

  • Texas State Electrical Contractor License
  • Texas State Electrical Master License
  • State picture identification (e.g., Texas driver’s license)
  • No registration fee
  • The electrician must have both state licenses to validate permits.
  •   Electrical Registration Form PDF

Master, Journeyman & Residential Wireman Electrical Licenses

Provide the following documents:

Plumbing & Mechanical Licenses

Plumbing contractors provide the following documents:

  • Texas Master Plumber License
  • State picture identification (e.g., Texas driver’s license)
  • No registration fee
  • Registration Form PDF
  • Licenses are renewable on the expiration date specified on the state license.