Garage Sales

Garage Sales in McKinney

The City of McKinney allows residents two garage sales per address per calendar year. Garage sale permits are good for 10 days. You must allow one weekend free of garage sales between permits. Residents can request a garage sale permit in two ways:

  • Please visit us online. Create an account in the Citizen Self Service (CSS) portal. Once your account is activated, you may apply for your garage sale permit. Beginning May 1, you will be able to immediately print it out. Create an account and request a permit online
  • You may also visit us in person to create a CSS account and apply online. Come to the Development Services Building at 221 N. Tennessee St.; we have kiosks in our lobby for your convenience. If needed, a permit technician can assist you with the CSS system. 

Garage sale signs are allowed on the permit holder's property. Off-site signs are allowed on private property with the property owner's permission. The permit should be displayed during the sale.

If your address is not coming up in CSS, find help in our FAQs

If you have questions, please call 972-547-7400.