Floodplain Management

Keeping Floods at Bay

The Engineering Department maintains floodplain records for the city. As development occurs along creeks and lakes in the city, land developers are required to determine how high water will get and how much water will flow in a 100-year storm. (This event has a 1% chance of occurrence in any given year.) The area of land that would be covered by floodwaters in the 100-year storm is designated as floodplain. There are many restrictions (see ordinance below) on new development within designated floodplains.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) prepares the Flood Insurance Rate Maps that are used by insurance agents to determine the cost of flood insurance. The city works with FEMA to ensure that the latest floodplain information is available on those maps. When floodplain information is updated, the city acts as the repository for local floodplain information until the updated FEMA maps are reissued. 

The FEMA floodplain is often revised to reflect new data as well as development. Current FEMA Flood Map Changes Viewer.

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